New Science Links

These sites offer plain English explanations and discussions about subjects like high energy physics, complexity, and chaos theory.

Please note that as of Fall 2020 this site has been going through a major overhaul. Parts of this area are still under construction.

New Scientist’s Introduction: Quantum World – A great resource that explores in plain English many aspects of quantum physics and other new sciences.

Physics 2000 – An excellent interactive introduction to modern physics, developed by the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Stephen Hawking’s Website – Devoted to the work of Stephen Hawking, one of the great minds of contemporary physics, this site includes some of his lectures to the general public.

Exploring Emergence – A fun site that uses interactive applets to explore examples of emergent behavior.

The Particle Adventure – An interactive tour of the inner workings of the atom, sponsored by the Particle Data Group.

Boids – This site features a java applet demonstrating the pioneering program of the same name (from 1986), which was one of the first models of emergent complex behavior.

Some Basic Ideas About Quantum Mechanics – As the title indicates, presents some basic ideas about quantum mechanics, in language a layreader can understand.

Quantum Mysteries – The latest on the mysteries of quantum physics, along with some intriguing possible explanations.

Spooky Action at a Distance – A user-friendly discussion of Bell’s Theorem, which proved the quantum mechanical principle of nonlocality. According to this principle, just putting a particle in a measuring device at one location can instantly influence another particle at another, distant location.

Quantum Mechanics History – An interesting narrative covering the beginnings and development of quantum theory.

Wave-Particle Duality – An explanation provided as part of the HyperPhisics website maintained by Georgia State University.

The Uncertainty Principle – An explanation of one of the basic principles of quantum mechanics from Stanford University.

Chaos Home Page – A straightforward discussion of Chaos Theory, presented for students and others unfamiliar with the subject.

The Official String Theory Web Site – An easy to read resource on the cutting edge world of String Theory.

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