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It can no longer be maintained that the properties of any one thing in the universe are independent of the existence or non-existence of everything else. It is, at last, no longer sensible to speak of a universe with only one thing in it.

—  LEE SMOLIN, 1997

A hundred times every day I remind myself that my inner and outer life are based on the labors of others.

Supermoon In Belt of Venus – ©Dave Higgins

In A Nutshell: Everything exists in relationship with everything else.

The Science

Why Everything is Connected to Everything Else, Explained in 100 Seconds – a presentation by “rockstar physicist” Brian Cox.

A discussion of how we are “embedded in nature” by Ilya Prigogine.

How It Can Apply In Our World

Q&A about the book “Linked – Discusses some of the basic ideas in Albert-Lazlo Barabasi’s book, which addresses “How everything is connected to everything else and what it means for business, science and everyday life.”

The Big Idea – An article by Robert Wright that draws on the historic trend of increasing interdependence among peoples of the world. He argues that the “interdependence paradigm” offers “…the most concise guide for policy development in a post-9/11 world.”

Quantum Physics in Finnegans Wake – Part of “The Joyce of Science,” a review of how Joyce used principles from quantum physics in his literary masterpiece.

Quantum Sense – My writings on the subject.

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